Debt Recovery Solicitors is a law firm specialising in Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Solicitors are the leading firm of solicitors in the recovery of debt. We operate nationwide and no debt is too big for our specialist firm. Our team of solicitors and specialists have over 30 years of experience in the field of debt recovery, and are backed by the latest state of the art debt recovery software, putting us at the cutting edge of the industry. Debt Recovery Solicitors has a broad client base ranging from private individuals, to national businesses and international companies, operating both nationwide and worldwide.

Many debt recovery agencies outsource their legal elements of the recovery of your debts, thereby incurring additional costs/fees, making the process protracted and much more expensive than it needs to be. As we are a firm of solicitors who specialise solely on recovering debts owed to you, all our work is Protocol compliant; we use an amalgamation of pre-action, legal action, court procedures and full debt enforcement procedures to recover your debts. All our work is done in house and supervised by our specialist solicitors, thereby keeping costs to a minimum.

Debt Recovery Solicitors are so confident in the work we undertake, we can offer services whereby, we won't charge you any legal fees, if we don't successfully recover your debt. This means that, if you don’t get paid, neither do we. But we certainly don't want to let that happen.